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Question: In the actor/actress introductions at the end is "someone" in a long black dress who is not identified - who is the actress?

Answer: They haven't mentioned them in a long time. Once they stopped trying to make him look guilty his headaches suddenly disappeared. It may still be explained later as the SK storyline is supposed to not be tied up till early 2005.

Jack's Revenge

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Continuity mistake: Oct 2003 - When Belle and Shawn are looking through the photo album, there's a picture of Jen in a wedding dress, and Jack dressed as a fireman. Shawn mentions that was Jack and Jen's first wedding. WRONG. That is when Jack stopped Jen's wedding from Emilio. He faked a fire and kidnapped her. Jennifer and Jack got married at the 'Wild West' arena.

Jack's Revenge

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Belle Black: Sometimes guys don't think before they open their mouths and end up saying something stupid, which is why our brains have to work overtime.

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Trivia: On 10/22/03, Bonnie overhears Jennifer talking on the phone to Adrienne, and she comments that the name sounds familiar. The joke is that Judi Evans Luciano, the actress who plays Bonnie, used to play Adrienne in the late '80s.


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