The Simpsons

Moe Baby Blues - S14-E22

Trivia: When Fat Tony and his gang are outside of the Simpson house, he says "Tonight, I want you boys to take out the Castellaneta family". Dan Castellaneta provides the voice of Homer on the show.

Treehouse of Horror XIII - S14-E1

Trivia: In the sketch where Homer clones himself, when he leaves the clones out in a cornfield and they learn to clone themselves, the camera pans right and amongst all the clones we see Peter Griffin, a character on the animated show Family Guy.

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Barting Over - S14-E11

Trivia: In this episode, Lisa mentions that it's the 300th time that Homer has gotten into trouble, and Marge says 'I could have sworn it was 302'. This is a reference to the fact that this episode, the one heavily publicised as the 300th episode to air on TV, was actually the 302nd due to scheduling problems. "The Strong Arms of the Ma" was the actual 300th.

Treehouse of Horror XIII - S14-E1

Trivia: One of the Homer clones in "Send in the Clones" is the Homer from the early Tracey Ullman shorts.

C.E. D'oh! - S14-E15

Trivia: At the end of this episode, Homer has a barbecue with a banner that reads "Homer's 305th 'Everything is Back To Normal' Barbecue", even though this is the 306th episode. This is because everything was not back to normal at the end of Who Shot Mr Burns? Part 1, the only Simpsons cliffhanger.

How I Spent My Strummer Vacation - S14-E2

Trivia: At the Rolling Stones' fantasy camp, Mick Jagger's diploma from the London School of Economics is on the wall in his office.

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Three Gays of the Condo - S14-E17

Trivia: The voice Hank Azaria uses for Grady is the same voice he used for his character in "The Birdcage."

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