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Factual error: In the episode where Sydney is supposed to be in Helsinki, there are visible skyscrapers in the background. There are no skyscrapers in Helsinki.

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Continuity mistake: Emily Sloane's left ring finger was shipped to Arvin Sloane in one episode in Season 2, when they are reunited in the Philippines, the left ring finger is bandaged and missing. Later, in the episode when she is shot, when she tells Arvin the CIA is listening, the left ring finger is there.

Almost Thirty Years - S1-E22

Factual error: At the start, just after Sydney has the phone call regarding Will, she goes to meet her dad and says that they can save Will, if they get the Rambaldi document from the CIA and the ampule from SD6. In fact, it is the other way round; the CIA have the ampule, and SD6 have the page.

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Suggested correction: SD6 got the ampule off Sark after catching him when Vaughn left him to help Sydny.

I am afraid not, Vaughan recovers the ampule before leaving to save Sydney. Thus CIA still has the ampule.

Color-Blind - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Jack meets Vaughn in the restaurant he pours some liquid into his cup. On the front shot he picks the cup up before he pours, we then cut to a reverse angle and the cup is on the table.

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Truth Be Told - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: After Sydney learns that SD-6 is not part of the CIA, she goes to Taipei. Just after she arrives, she takes a man's car. At this point the number plate reads DH 5578, but, in the next shot, as she is driving away, it is JU 1587. (00:51:15)

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Continuity mistake: Season premiere, 'Authorized Personnel Only', part 1: When Sydney and the other agent are in the bathroom at the club, Sydney begins to smear black dirt on the agent's tee shirt for his punk transformation. The first smears that she applied differ when he exits the bathroom.

Super Grover

Remnants - S3-E10

Revealing mistake: When Lazare shows up to talk to Will, we see that his left hand has been cut off. When Lazare is about to leave, he has his hands at his sides, and we can see that both arms are the same length, but the left one should be shorter, because it has no hand.

Truth Be Told - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: When Sydney is tortured, she loses some teeth and a stream of blood flows out the right side of her mouth. When she returns to SD-6 and speaks with the director, the blood is gone (fair enough). Outside on the street in the following shot, the blood has returned, but there's no reason to believe that she is still bleeding. (00:58:40)


Color-Blind - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Sloane is talking to Sydney towards the end, he slides some documents towards her. After that shot, when the shot's of Syd we can see that Sloane's holding his hands near his face, but in front shots of Sloane they're down by the desk. (00:37:30)

Jon Sandys

A Broken Heart - S1-E4

Factual error: Sydney is sent to Malaga, Spain, but right after the location pops on the screen it fades to the city hall in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Truth Be Told - S1-E1

Revealing mistake: When Syd's Dad rescues her in the car park, he starts shooting at the other car. After firing one shot the slide of his gun locks back (indicating it's out of bullets), but when the angle changes he carries on firing with no problems. (00:43:20)

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Time Will Tell - S1-E8

Revealing mistake: When Sydney and her father go into the office to talk, the office doors begin to close before Sydney uses the remote to close them. (00:13:00)

The Prophecy - S1-E16

Continuity mistake: When Roger Moore is showing Sloane the bank accounts, he says "5 deposits in excess of $45 million...", but the shot just before that shows deposits of (in thousands), $9,362, $7,215, $9,010, $8,300, and $9,250. That makes $43,137,000, which isn't in excess of $45 million. (00:20:10)

Jon Sandys

Parity - S1-E3

Continuity mistake: When Syd is talking to her moronic handler at the magazine stand, when he says "who do you think you're talking to?", shots of him show Syd facing straight ahead, but shots of her show that she's turned towards him.

Jon Sandys

Unveiled - S3-E18

Plot hole: Vaughan discovers Lauren is a mole when he goes through her briefcase and discovers the wig, gun and fake passport she used in Germany a few hours before - surely even the worst secret agent in the world would have enough sense to get rid of such incriminating evidence as soon as possible, and not carry it back to the USA (sneaking it onto a plane, presumably) and leaving it in the room where the man you're lying to sleeps. Lauren is a highly skilled agent, if the Covenant selected her for a mission this important, so it's out of character (without an explanation) for her to be so sloppy.


Full Disclosure - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: When Sydney is torching the lab you see 6 test tubes labelled with her name shatter and spill. In the next shot the tubes are back on the rack and intact. (00:38:20)

Truth Be Told - S1-E1

Continuity mistake: In the parking garage, after Sydney knocks the machine pistol out of the hit man's hands, it lands with the barrel pointing away from The Two of them and remains in that position during their entire fight. When Sydney grabs it off the ground, the barrel is pointing toward them. (00:43:30 - 00:44:10)

Captain Defenestrator

Agent Marshall Flinkman: Syd, this guy buried you alive.
Sydney: Yeah, but he cheated, he hit me with a car first.

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Trivia: Jack Bristow's full name is Jonathan Donahue Bristow.

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Question: I only just saw the episode where Sydney finally kills Allison (Francie's clone), and wakes up two years later in Hong Kong. I really can't wait two more weeks until the following episodes explain everything, so could someone please post an explanation of what happened in those two years? Or link me to a website with one?

Answer: Go to, and then click on the Alias page. There is a summary of every episode.

Jane Doe

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