Cat House - S5-E18

Plot hole: When Phoebe and Paige are be sent through Piper and Leo's past we see things that that cannot be true.1. When Leo was dying in "Love Hurts" you see Piper and Leo orbing, but in the actual episode they walked down the stairs.2. In "Just Harried" we see the cake fall and the Statue skid on the floor, but in the actual episode it was caught under the cake.

Stephen Edmonds 1

Cat House - S5-E18

Plot hole: The demon is killed when Leo proposes, hence before the wedding. So how is he able to break the cake topper?

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Suggested correction: The demon was able to break the topper because the demon/Paige/Phoebe were being moved in the memories in the order Piper and Leo talked about their past. Since they talked about the wedding before the proposal, the demon was able to break the topper.

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