Charmed (1998)

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Be Careful What You Witch For - S2-E22

Corrected entry: In this episode, Phoebe has a sprained ankle from fighting a demon. Surely as it was an injury caused by fighting evil (as stated in an earlier episode, Leo can only heal injuries caused by witch related activities), Leo should have been able to heal it?

Correction: Phoebe doesn't need a witch power to suffer from a sprained ankle, whether it's because of a demon or not. A sprained ankle happens to a lot of normal people, hence Leo's reason not to heal it.


Be Careful What You Witch For - S2-E22

Corrected entry: When Prue gets turned into a teenager after wishing that she wanted it to be like it was the first time, she was at a cafe with Dick. When the genie is freed, he goes to the same cafe. When Piper and Leo go looking for him, Piper supposedly knows which cafe the genie found Prue at, even though Prue has no memory of the future so she couldn't have told them.

Correction: Prue planned the date before she was turned into a teenager and as her sisters know about Dick, she probably told them what they were doing that day, which was going to a cafe. The conversation may not have happened on screen but its perfectly reasonable, I tell my sisters wherever I'm going on my dates.

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