Frasier (1993)

1 corrected entry in Roz, a Loan

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Roz, a Loan - S6-E9

Corrected entry: Marty is comforting Eddie who he says has been taunted by a blue jay. This particular bird is not found in Seattle - it is found in much of North America but not west of the Rockies. Marty, who had spent all his live in Seattle, would not make this mistake - and if he had spotted a blue jay there it would have been highly unusual and remarked on.

Correction: Living in one place for your whole life doesn't necessarily mean that you're an expert on all of the bird species that live there. I've lived in the same area of the USA for almost all of my life, and I couldn't tell you whether any particular bird (except for obviously out-of-place ones, like penguins or flamingos) is uncommon.

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