The X-Files

Invocation - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: When the psychic collapses, sun is streaming through the window, indicating early afternoon. When we see the ambulance driving away a few scenes later, it's dark outside. It's highly unlikely it took a medic team several hours to get there and stabilise her.

Invocation - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: When Scully finishes her conversation with Doggett and walks away, there is only one dark-haired policeman watching the crime scene, but when Doggett looks at the crime scene and Mr. Underwood gets up, there is a blond-haired policeman talking with someone. (00:41:55)

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Invocation - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: In this episode the character of Billy Underwood was played by twin brothers Kyle and Ryan Pepi. If you pay attention you can tell when one twin was being used instead of the other as one of them has two freckles on his neck and another two by his right eye whereas the other does not.

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[After spilling coffee on his lap.]
Mulder: Great, now my crotch will be up all night.



When Mulder and Scully enter the abandoned mine through a doorway, the viewer can see at right in the distance a number of people sitting on a wall, and one crouching in front of the wall with what looks like a dog. They are sitting still, but there is still movement there.



Scully's father and the man Mulder thought was his father were both named William. Mulder's actual father, Cancer Man, was played by William B Davis. Scully and Mulder's son was also named William.