The X-Files

Arcadia - S6-E15

Continuity mistake: When Mulder and Scully are moving into the house, there is a shot of Mulder's watchface which reads that the date is the 7th. A few minutes later, Scully is walking around with a video camera, and narrating and she says the date is February the 24th.

00:08:35 - 00:09:30

Arcadia - S6-E15

Continuity mistake: When Mulder lies on the bed, he's wearing shoes, but when Scully tells him goodbye and he gets out of the bed, he's not.


Chop Luftmysza

Arcadia - S6-E15

Plot hole: Big Mike was attacked by the creature, because his bulb was broken just for a couple of seconds. It would mean that even if something like this happened to somebody else by accident, this person would also be killed by the creature. That would drastically increase the kill rate in the community.


Chop Luftmysza
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Suggested correction: That was the whole point of the creature, to enforce the HOA rules so that no violations occurred, even by accident. Although prior to the attack, Gene Gogolak describes Big Mike as a weak link that had to be dealt with, so the bulb was just an excuse to attack him.


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