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Polymorph - S3-E3

Revealing mistake: The cardboard box that the Cat holds up to block the heat seeking missiles has two pre-cut holes in it. You can just barely see them as he takes the box from the shelf. (00:14:25)


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Timeslides - S3-E5

Continuity mistake: When Kryten notices the photo of the bike in the countryside is moving, the peg attached to it is near the middle, along the top, but in the shot from behind, the peg is much closer to the right. The same goes for the photo of Kryten's birthday party. (00:03:30)

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Backwards - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When Kryten is piloting Starbug and gently "eases forwards", there is a shot shown from behind Starbug where it is driving out of the cargo bay to the exit, and it is shown a couple feet off the ground. When Starbug exits Red Dwarf in the next shot, Starbug is suddenly much higher above the ground. (00:04:20)

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Backwards - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: Rimmer wears a hat with an antenna on the right hand side when on Starbug, and after arriving on Earth, but when he and Kryten are walking through the streets later on, the antenna is now on the left side of his hat, and is far more extended. (00:02:20 - 00:08:00)

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M-Corp - S12-E5

Other mistake: When Cat picks up the can of Leopard lager which is invisible to Lister, he shakes it, pops the cap and sprays Lister with foam. The foam is visible but the can remains invisible, and that makes no sense. If we are seeing the scene from Cat's point of view the can and foam should both be visible, and if it is from Lister's then neither should be.

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Trivia: The actor who plays the original Kryten, in 'Kryten', also turns up later as the voice of Talkie Toaster.

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Answer: Presumably he does, but it's never been used in any material related to the show. He is the only Cat left (as shown in Series 1), so even if he had once had a name, nobody would know it.

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Answer: In the book, the Cat finds the concept of a name confusing, as he's convinced he's the center of the universe and the idea that someone wouldn't know who he was is baffling.

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