Red Dwarf

Better Than Life - S2-E2

Revealing mistake: When Holly is talking about his chess game, you can see his black clothing to the left of his chest, revealing he's hiding a body, and isn't just a computer generated floating head. (00:06:30)


Future Echoes - S1-E2

Revealing mistake: When Holly gives Rimmer a new haircut, Rimmer salutes and touches his hair with his hand. Surely he would have noticed his hair has become much longer, especially after he asked for a crew cut. (00:07:00)


Thanks For The Memory - S2-E3

Revealing mistake: During filming of the this episode, Craig Charles was called away for the birth of his son, Jack, so production manager Mike Agnew stepped in. Although Lister is wearing a space suit at the time you can still tell which part is Mike thanks to a continuity error - Mike forgot to put on Lister's plaster cast. (00:15:15)


Pete (2) - S8-E7

Revealing mistake: After the T-Rex eats the curry, it starts stamping about the cargo bay, yet there are no ripples in the very watery curry. (00:08:30)


Tikka To Ride - S7-E1

Revealing mistake: After the crew transport themselves out of the book depository to escape the FBI, the astronaut helmet is transported afterwards and the two FBI agents start shooting at the box the helmet was placed on. When the box is shot, there are no bullet holes left on it.

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Polymorph - S3-E3

Revealing mistake: When the Polymorph, posing at the snake, jumps on Lister, it is apparent that the snake on Lister has been replaced by a plastic inflatable replica that has no features and does not move. (00:10:05)

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Stasis Leak - S2-E4

Revealing mistake: In the opening, Holly gives an additional message saying "On our journey, we have encountered many strange and bizarre things. Only last month, we can across a moon which was shaped exactly like Felicity Kendal's bottom. We flew around that one a couple of times." Before Holly says "We flew around that one a couple of times", he can be seen about to say the line, but visibly hesitates, presumably waiting for his cue. (00:01:35)

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Beyond a Joke - S7-E6

Revealing mistake: When the simulant hits Able over the head with the steel bar, you can clearly see it bend. He hits him a second time a few moments later and it is straight again. (00:14:45)


M-Corp - S12-E5

Other mistake: When Cat picks up the can of Leopard lager which is invisible to Lister, he shakes it, pops the cap and sprays Lister with foam. The foam is visible but the can remains invisible, and that makes no sense. If we are seeing the scene from Cat's point of view the can and foam should both be visible, and if it is from Lister's then neither should be.

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Meltdown - S4-E6

Trivia: "Meltdown" was originally planned to be the first episode of Series IV of Red Dwarf. However, the militaristic tone of this episode - and in particular Dave Lister's strident anti-war speech near The End of the episode - meant it fell foul of the BBC censors. The original planned transmission date (Feb 14 1991) coincided with the outbreak of "Operation Desert Storm" - the Gulf War...and the BBC felt that an "anti-war" episode of Red Dwarf would be inappropriate for a country at war with Iraq.

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Answer: Presumably he does, but it's never been used in any material related to the show. He is the only Cat left (as shown in Series 1), so even if he had once had a name, nobody would know it.

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Answer: In the book, the Cat finds the concept of a name confusing, as he's convinced he's the center of the universe and the idea that someone wouldn't know who he was is baffling.

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