Best TV revealing mistakes of 1988

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Stressed to Kill - S4-E9

Revealing mistake: Shortly after the fight with Becky, Roseanne asks Jackie to go across the street to get her something to drink, so she can smoke in secret. After Roseanne lights the cigarette and walks near the register, Jackie's plaid coat can be seen in the door's window as she waits for the next scene.

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Show generally

Revealing mistake: Part 3: When the U.S. squadron leader's plane crashes alongside the Akagi, the use of stock footage places an American fighter plane on the deck of what's supposed to be a Japanese ship. The star on its wing is visible as the flaming plane sweeps by in the background. (00:49:45)

Jean G

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Show generally

Revealing mistake: In the episode when ACO Bulstrode is looking at the newspaper cut-out of the appliance crash (the one that Bayleaf was involved in), look closely at the cut-out. The whole article consists of the same paragraph written twice. Seemed the producers were too lazy to write a full article, hoping no-one would notice.

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