Red Dwarf

Nanarchy - S7-E8

Revealing mistake: After the conversation the crew have about famous people with one arm, Lister gets up and his real arm is visible under his clothes behind his back. (00:04:40)


Stoke Me A Clipper - S7-E2

Revealing mistake: When Ace accelerates away from the Nazi troops, he is holding a gun in his right hand. He should not have been able to accelerate away as the throttle handle is on the right. (00:03:45)


Blue - S7-E5

Revealing mistake: At the start of the Munchkin song, you can see a circle around Rimmer's head where the footage of him singing is inserted into the footage of the marching puppet. (00:25:10)


Tikka To Ride - S7-E1

Revealing mistake: After the crew transport themselves out of the book depository to escape the FBI, the astronaut helmet is transported afterwards and the two FBI agents start shooting at the box the helmet was placed on. When the box is shot, there are no bullet holes left on it.

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Beyond a Joke - S7-E6

Revealing mistake: When the simulant hits Able over the head with the steel bar, you can clearly see it bend. He hits him a second time a few moments later and it is straight again. (00:14:45)


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Ouroboros - S7-E3

Revealing mistake: When Kochanski is shot with the spear, the padding that gives the impression the spear is through her leg is visibly bulging in her trousers as ahe pulls on the rope. (00:26:50)


Tikka To Ride - S7-E1

Revealing mistake: When Lee Harvey Oswald is preparing to shoot JFK on the fifth floor of the book depository, there is a shot of him from the side where he points his gun out of the window. To his left are a numerous boxes belonging to the book depository. Many of the boxes have "books" written on them, and some have hand written numbers on them. Later in the episode, the crew go back in time to send Oswald up to the sixth floor, but in the side view shot where he points his gun out of the window this time, the boxes are completely identical to the ones used on the fifth floor. The same set was likely reused.

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Back To Reality - S5-E6

Factual error: While it is true that lithium carbonate can be used to treat depression and other psychiatric disorders, it cannot be administered in gaseous form. It is a very stable salt and only starts to form vapour at 1,310 degress Celcius. Spraying it about as a 'mood stabliser' at that temperature, as Kryten does, is going to kill everyone on the spot.

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White Hole - S4-E4

Rimmer: The thing about Captain Oates... The thing you have to remember about Captain Oates... Captain Oates... Captain Oates was a prat.

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Meltdown - S4-E6

Trivia: "Meltdown" was originally planned to be the first episode of Series IV of Red Dwarf. However, the militaristic tone of this episode - and in particular Dave Lister's strident anti-war speech near The End of the episode - meant it fell foul of the BBC censors. The original planned transmission date (Feb 14 1991) coincided with the outbreak of "Operation Desert Storm" - the Gulf War...and the BBC felt that an "anti-war" episode of Red Dwarf would be inappropriate for a country at war with Iraq.

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Kryten - S2-E1

Question: When Holly is saying about how he has changed music he says that because of the 2 new notes he's made instruments would be bigger. "Triangles will have four sides. Piano keyboards the length of zebra crossings. Course, women will have to be banned from playing the cello." I don't understand the joke about the cello part. Could someone please tell me what he means?

Answer: The cello is a large four-stringed instrument, which, when it is played, stands vertically on the floor between the player's legs (assuming they are seated). If it is to grow as large as the other instuments mentioned will, it would require a rather unseemly lack of femininity to be able to encompass it with the legs.

Rooster of Doom

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