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The One With All The Rugby - S4-E15

Corrected entry: When Chandler is at the airport with Janice there is a last call announcement for his flight to Yemen, and Yemen being mentioned as the destination in the announcement. However there is no such city as Yemen (the capital of Yemen is San'a) and the destination of a flight should be the destination city, not the country.

Correction: Yemen is a small country. If there is only one destination within Yemen, then it would make sense to use the country's name.

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The One With All The Rugby - S4-E15

Corrected entry: When Ross, Emily, Phoebe and Joey go back to the coffeehouse after Ross gets the crap beaten out of him, he says to Emily: "are you kidding? I just made a man twice my size cry. I haven't done that since I was four and I washed my Dad's Porsche with rocks." But in series two when Richard has a 'twinkie in the city'(Monica), Jack Gellar comments on how "I turned fifty, I got the Porsche, you've got your own little speedster." If Jack Gellar was fifty when Ross was four, that would make him around seventy-six. He's looking pretty good for a seventy-six year old man isn't he?.

Correction: It is entirely possible that Jack had a different Porsche when Ross was four years old.


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