Friends (1994)

2 corrected entries in The One With The 'Cuffs

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The One With The 'Cuffs - S4-E3

Corrected entry: When Joey is reading the newspaper while Chandler and Rachel as discussing Joanna, a blue and white cup appears in front of him.


Correction: The cup doesn't just appear, it's the same cup that was in Chandlers hand earlier which he puts on the counter.


The One With The 'Cuffs - S4-E3

Corrected entry: After Rachel sees her boss Joanna in the guys' apartment, Joey's bedroom door is shown shut, but is open in a subsequent shot, though no one went near it.


Correction: The door we see is actually Chandler's bedroom door and since Joanna is inside (we saw her go in), she could have opened it.


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Joanna: What are you doing?
Chandler: I'm getting dressed.
Joanna: Why?
Chandler: Because when I go outside naked, people throw garbage at me.



When Rachel finds out that Ross and Julie are getting a cat, watch Rachel's neck. When she says "together?" she's not wearing a necklace; cut to Ross and Julie for a fraction of a second, then when it cuts back to Rachel saying "both of you?" she's suddenly wearing a necklace. It then disappears again when she says "isn't that just lovely?" hanging off the side of the tray she's holding.



Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.