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The One With The Ring - S6-E23

Corrected entry: When Chandler and Phoebe go to the jewelry store Phoebe's hair has two braids on each side that are being held together by what appears to be a hair pin, later on the scene where Phoebe is trying on a tiara she only has one braid on each side and no hair pins.

Correction: First, when Chandler's in the store Phoebe doesn't have two braids on the left side of her head - it's only one braid decorated with small colorful rhinestones, but she does have the two single braids on her right side, held together with a small silver hair clip. Second, while Chandler's gone Phoebe's been having fun trying on the store's jewelry - note all the necklaces, brooches, etc., and we see that one of those single braids has come loose so there's just one braid on that side now. But because it's been quite a while since Chandler had left the store, there's really no continuity issue.

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The One With The Ring - S6-E23

Corrected entry: Joey has got Chandler's credit card and when we see Joey with it in the coffee house it is a Mastercard. But when Chandler gets it from Joey in his apartment later, it's blatantly an American Express card.

Correction: When Joey originally gives the credit card to Gunther (the mastercard), it is declined and Joey says "oh, that's my card" and hands Gunther Chandler's card, which we don't get a chance to see closely so it is presumably the AmEx card. These shots aren't included in the Netflix version, which makes it seem like a continuity mistake.

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