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The One That Could Have Been, part 1 - S6-E15

Corrected entry: When Rachael meets Ross at the magazine stand, Ross's "Busty Ladies" doesn't appear in his hand until Rachael points it out. At several points, both his hands are in view.

Correction: I have studied this scene very well and every time that Ross' hands are in view, you can see the magazine, "Busty Ladies", in his hands.


The One That Could Have Been, part 1 - S6-E15

Corrected entry: In the episode 'The One That Could Have Been' Phoebe says she wonders what would have happened if she'd taken the job with 'Meryl Lynch', but in the dream world, she works for a different company, Something Gearman.

Correction: Just because she would have taken the job with Meryl Lynch doesn't mean she would have stayed there forever. Maybe the place she works in the episode was better.


The One At The Beach - S3-E25

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene when Phoebe breaks into the other Phoebe's house and gets caught, the older Phoebe was telling the younger one that the man in the photo is not Frank Buffay, but is Chuck Mangioni. Right after that, as Phoebe 2 walks towards the camera, you can see that the door behind her moves open, and there is a visible shadow of someone who walks by that doorway. (00:19:00)

Zyen Hoo
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The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie - S4-E10

Rachel: No accountants. Oh, and no one from, like, "legal." I don't like guys with boring jobs.
Chandler: Oh, and Ross was like what, a lion tamer?

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Trivia: Matthew Perry's wit is so legendary that the scriptwriters have often incorporated his gags into the show.

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The One With The Dirty Girl - S4-E6

Question: When Joey asks why he can't give Kathy the pen, Chandler says, "Because she's not eleven. And it's not the seventh night of Chanukah." What is Chandler talking about when he says, "It's not the seventh night of Chanukah?"

Answer: Usually by the seventh night of Hanukkah you don't know what to get the other person, and you will probably resort to getting the other person something insignificant. Chandler is basically saying that the pen is a stupid gift.

Answer: Chanukah is a Jewish celebration that occurs around the same time as the Christian Christmas. The celebration lasts for eight days and it is customary to give a small gift on each of the eight days. There is no special gift required and the line about it being "the seventh night" of Chanukah is just Chandler's sarcasm.

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