Friends (1994)

2 corrected entries in The One With The Ball

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The One With The Ball - S5-E21

Corrected entry: When Rachel is holding the cat on the cushion with the red oven mitt, for one shot her hand changes from holding the cat, to holding the pillow. (00:12:00)

Correction: I just watched this episode, and you can actually see her move her hand from the cat to the pillow and back again.

The One With The Ball - S5-E21

Corrected entry: In The One With The Ball, Monica ends up showing she has an allergy to cat dander. But in the previous season, in The One With The Cat, Phoebe finds a cat that she thinks is the reincarnated spirit of her dead mother. Monica is in close contact with the cat, and even petting it in one scene. Now, it's possible to develop allergies over time, but the time between these two events is very short (in storyline time).

Correction: Monica never says that she has an allergy to cats. It's more likely that she sneezed because of the cat dander but doesn't have an allergy.

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