Friends (1994)

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The One Where The Stripper Cries - S10-E11

Corrected entry: Fair enough that in TOW The Flashback Rachel doesn't remember Chandler if she had just met him at the Geller's Thanksgiving years ago, but this episode reveals she was at a party with him and even kissed him. Ok, she was drunk when she kissed him but she would still remember the party, and surely she'd remember the guy who was the reason her friend Monica lost all that weight.

Correction: (This is really just emphasising that when Rachel was younger she was selfish and obsessed with herself and she didn't really notice other people around her. When she was in high school (the one where the stripper cries) she was the pretty cheerleader who didn't care about anyone else and when she was with Barry in the one with the flashback she was still very rich and snobby and wouldn't have - or at least would pretend not to - remember Chandler.)

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