The Blacklist

Gaia - S4-E4

Factual error: When the criminals jump into old Jeep Cherokee, the car interior is a Chevrolet Tahoe, and from the outside when driving backwards, the trim is for a Dodge Charger.

Mr. Gregory Devry (No. 95) - S3-E11

Other mistake: After arresting the Reddington impostor, Ressler states that while hunting Red they had only one photo with a "passing resemblance to the man we've been working with." In S1E1 you can however see a high quality picture of Red on the front desk screen while he is arrested. (00:32:25)

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Suggested correction: The photo that's seen on the front desk screen is the same photo on Reddington's wanted poster, which has been seen a number of times in the show. That is the 1 photo the FBI have that has a "passing resemblance" to Reddington today, which is what Ressler is referring to.


Berlin - S1-E21

Factual error: The U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 catapults an F-14 Tomcat off the deck of the aircraft carrier. The only problem is the Grumman made F-14 Tomcat was retired in 2006. Not to mention the cockpit shot is from an F-18 Hornet.

Alexander Kirk: Conclusion - S3-E23

Continuity mistake: When Tom Keen returns from shopping to find someone over the cot of baby Agnus, a fight breaks out, during which the camera jumps to different shots of the baby who is wrapped in a pink blanket, then no blanket, then back to wrapped in the blanket. (00:37:22 - 00:37:58)

Kuwait - S7-E4

Factual error: The grave stone in the cemetery shows the deceased rank as 1st Lieutenant, but the branch of service is U.S. Navy. There is no such rank in the Navy. The rank for an officer 02 is Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lt.Jg.

Mato (No. 66) - S4-E2

Character mistake: After the seaplane crash lands off the coast of Havana, Elizabeth radios a mayday. However, she broadcasts nonsensical coordinates. The first set she provides is 23°52' north, the second set 82°49' south. These combined coordinates can't possibly plot to any location on earth. The more probable coordinates should've been 23°52' north, 82°49' west. These coordinates would put the plane roughly 57 miles NNW of Havana, Cuba. (00:05:48)

Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: Elizabeth takes a look at one of the passports, which on the outside is Swiss but the info on the inside corresponds to that of a German passport. (00:43:25)

The Decembrist (No. 12) - S2-E8

Revealing mistake: When turning the guy with C4 around his neck, the 4 person safe box window shakes briefly. If this was a bomb proof safe box, the glass would be at least 1.5"+ in thickness and would not shake simply from some walking. That box would be shrapnel to a C4 bomb inside. (00:26:30)

Anslo Garrick, Part 1 - S1-E9

Other mistake: Elizabeth picks up a stuffed bunny which supposedly was from her childhood. The bunny has burns on it after being in a fire. You can see 2 plastic tag fasteners attached to the bunny, which wouldn't have survived the fire.


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Suggested correction: Later we see in the flashback that Liz was holding the bunny. It only got singed as she was escaping. It wasn't "in" the fire.


Pilot - S1-E1

Factual error: When Red goes to meet Zamani at the Lincoln memorial, he initially walks down the monument steps eastward, towards the reflecting pool in the direction of the Washington Monument and finds Zamani at the base of the steps. The map that is shown of his supposed location in front of the Lincoln Memorial when the FBI starts tracking him, isn't a map of the National Mall, nor the Lincoln Memorial. Later, when they are walking and he is "on the move, heading westbound", they are actually walking away from the Washington Monument, towards the Lincoln memorial, to the location where they had originally met (and discussed the Cherry Blossoms). Two seconds later, they are near 14th St, which is easily a 25 minute walk from the Lincoln Memorial. (00:33:25)

Milton Bobbit - S1-E18

Continuity mistake: When Agent Keen attacks Craig in his hotel room he pushes her to a rectangular shaped mirror on the wall but when Red enters the hotel room they zoom in to the same mirror, which is now square.

The Scimitar (No. 22) - S2-E7

Revealing mistake: In scene where Liz is telling captive ex-husband, Tom, that she will let him go after he helps her get Berlin, Tom gets up and you can see the chain on his leg is only held to the floor with a chain link that just screws closed.

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Cape May - S3-E19

Question: At the beginning of the final segment, the American Flag is flying upside down outside the beach lodge. Since it is pretty clear that Red would not being trying to elicit support/backup for the deeds that he and his female accomplice were about to undertake, what is the significance of this widely accepted distress signal?

Ed Hills

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