Other mistake: Towards the end when Dennis Hopper is on the subway train with Sandra Bullock, he has a gun in one hand and the detonator in the other. However, when the camera cuts to a close-up of him handcuffing Sandra to the pole, both hands are empty. If he took his hand off the detonator, the explosives attached to Sandra should've exploded, but they didn't. In the next shot, both items are back in his hand. (01:39:50)

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Suggested correction: Hopper could've easily disabled the detonator so he could use both hands to make it easier to use the handcuffs. He is a bomb expert so having a way to disable the bomb wouldn't be that unusual.

And we see him before the sequence mentioned above and he has no time to disable or enable the detonator. Plus, to disable the detonator would likely need 2 hands as a fail safe to ensure that the person holding the detonator didn't disable it.

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