Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Chapter 14 - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: When Palpatine and his rescuers emerge from the elevator, the characters' positions in relation to each other changes radically despite nobody moving. First shot, the line up, left to right, is Hammer Head, Trooper, female Jedi, Palpatine, Trooper and four-eyes (the 3 Jedi are in the front row, the rest behind). In the next shot, the order is now (right to left, from behind) Hammer Head, female Jedi, Trooper, Palpatine, Trooper and four-eyes (Palpatine now in the front row). Next, a tighter shot has Hammer Head moved to the back row, behind a trooper. Meanwhile, the two troopers keep switching sides, as the rifle is seen at left or at right, while the rocket launcher is not seen at all until the troopers are suddenly together at the left of the screen when Hammer Head yells. (00:40:00)

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