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Hercule Poirot: I can only see a world as it should be. It makes an imperfection stick out like the nose on your face.

Hercule Poirot: I detect criminals. I do not protect them.

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Sir Laurence Olivier: Remember boy, when it comes to women, you're never too old for humiliation.

Sir Laurence Olivier: Marilyn, my darling, you are an angel and I kiss the hem of your garment but why can't you get here on time for the love of fuck?
Marilyn Monroe: Oh, you have that word in England too, ha?

Lady Jane Clark: We're talking about the difference between the truth and artificial crap.
Sir Laurence Olivier: We're in absolute agreement. Acting is all about truth, and if you can fake that, you'll have a jolly good career.

Sir Laurence Olivier: She's quite wonderful. No training, no craft, no guile, just pure instinct. Astonishing.
Colin Clark: You should tell her that.
Sir Laurence Olivier: Oh, I will. But she won't believe me. That's probably what makes her great, but it's certainly what makes her so profoundly unhappy.

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Andrew: It's shit with a capital "sh."

Sarah: I'm disappointed in you. You used to be so romantic.
Andrew: Yeah, well now I'm rheumatic.

Sarah: You'll probably be stuck with that Joan Collins impersonator for the rest of your life.
Andrew: You're talking about the woman I almost love.
Sarah: God, I've never seen anyone wear more makeup! How does she take it off? With a chisel?

Carol: You know what I hate the most about being a public figure?
Andrew: What?
Carol: The public.

Andrew: I think adults are just children who owe money.

Andrew: It's New Year's fucking Eve! Even the pope has a drink on New Year's Eve.
Sarah: The pope doesn't get unpleasant.
Andrew: Am I unpleasant anyone?

Andrew: I will not have my ex-wife... future ex-wife talked about like that.

Sarah: It could have been worse.
Andrew: Yes, Sarah. It could have been worse. They could have attached electrodes to our genitals.

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Miguel: Look! El Dorado! The city of gold! This could be our destiny! Our fate.
Tulio: Miguel, if I believed in fate, I wouldn't be playing with loaded dice.

Tulio: Any last words?
Miguel: I will cut you to ribbons.
Tulio: Fool! Such mediocrity! Let your sword do the talking.
Miguel: I will, it will be loquacious to a fault.

Tulio: Wait a minute, new plan: we find the city of gold, we take the gold, and then we row back to Spain.
Miguel: And buy Spain.

Tulio: Look, change of plans. We have to grab what we can and go.
Miguel: What? Why?
Tulio: Because the High Priest is nuts.

Miguel: You fight like my sister.
Tulio: I've fought your sister. That's a compliment.

Miguel: Oh, come on.
Tulio: I'm not coming on.

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