Sleuth (2007)

Ending / spoiler

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A few days after Andrew (Michael Caine) shoots Milo (Jude Law) a detective named Inspector Black comes to investigate the missing Milo. Andrew claims to have shoot a blank bullet at Milo as to humiliate him, Milo merely fainted and was not killed. The inspector refuses to believe it and starts to become violent and shows Andrew blood stains on the carpet. As Andrew becomes confused the inspector reveals himself to be Milo. Milo put on the disguise as a 'pay back' for what was done to him. Milo slowly takes control of the situation, but at the same time slowly starts to go mad and violent with Andrew. After Milo is satisfied with his revenge, Andrew offers him to live with him and forget his wife Maggie. Milo and Andrew start to show and attraction with each other though it's no certain if Milo really is attracted or is merely mocking Andrew further. Milo decides he's had enough and puts on Maggie's leather jacket and prepares to leave, but before he does Andrew shoots Milo and he falls down the elevator shaft killing him. The door bell rings signaling Maggie's presence and the screen fades to black.

Milo Tindle: If you think you're broke now, you'll be ten times broker by the time she's finished with you. She'll have your guts for garters.

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