Sleuth (2007)


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Andrew Wyke: The shortest way to a man's heart, as I'm sure you know, is humiliation. It binds you together.

Milo Tindle: If you think you're broke now, you'll be ten times broker by the time she's finished with you. She'll have your guts for garters.

Milo Tindle: What's it all about?

Andrew Wyke: I take a strictly moral position on all this. My wife is an adulteress. Actually, she should be stoned to death.

Milo Tindle: I'm so glad you like my mind. Not many people like my mind. Quite a few people like my body... but I can't think of anyone who likes my mind.

Andrew Wyke: In this day and age, is marriage absolutely necessary? Isn't it a bit old-hat?

Detective Inspector Black: Do you want to know my opinion of the newspapers?
Andrew Wyke: What?
Detective Inspector Black: Journalists are a bunch of prick-teasing cocksuckers.
Andrew Wyke: No.
Detective Inspector Black: That's right.
Andrew Wyke: I'm sorry, but isn't that a contradiction in terms?
Andrew Wyke: Is it?

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