The Boat That Rocked

Continuity mistake: People are often shown listening to the radio at completely different times of day to the times shown on the boat.


Revealing mistake: As the boat is in its final minutes, two of the crew are shown swimming across the deck to get to the dry part. But once they've climbed up, their clothes are still dry.


Factual error: Many of the songs featured in the film, almost all of which are portrayed as being singles actually being played by the disc jockeys, came out after the 1966 setting of the film, including Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale" (June 1967), Tommy James and the Shondells' "Crimson and Clover" (November 1968), The Who's "I Can See For Miles" (October 1967), Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cried Mary" (May 1967), the Turtles' "Elenore" (November 1968) and Herb Alpert's "This Guy's in Love with You" (April 1968) among several others.

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Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, they are on a boat that is rocking a lot in a storm and approaching another boat. But the seas are calm in the view of the boat they are approaching. (00:01:45)


Factual error: Just before Judy in Disguise is played, the DJ starts a record on A and M records. That style of label came out in the mid 1970s.

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Factual error: According to this film the Marine Offences Act came into force on 1st of January 1967 when in fact it came into force on 14th August 1967.

Factual error: Some E registered vehicles can be seen in this film set in 1966. E registrations weren't issued until January 1st 1967.

Revealing mistake: When the stag party are at the National Gallery, there are two shots of Carl, Simon and Gavin standing on a wide area of pavement immediately in front of the Gallery. That area was a road until the redevelopment of Trafalgar Square in 2003. (00:52:15)

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Factual error: In the shot of the front of the National Gallery as the disc jockeys walk down the stairs towards the camera, modern-day surveillance cameras are visible on curved poles to the left and right of the main frontage. (00:52:30)

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Visible crew/equipment: When the boat is sinking, Gavin looks up to the sky and stage lights are reflected on his glasses, despite the sky being dark and the boat lights off.

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Angus: What about this? What about this situation right here? Can't fuck your way out of this one, can you Mark?

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