Conspiracy (2001)


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Heydrich: Nietzsche advises the secret to enjoying life is to live dangerously.
SS.Col. Eberhard 'Karl' Schöngarth: He enjoyed it so much he went mad.
Heydrich: Look at the world and tell me the pleasures of sanity.

General Reinhard Heydrich: Ah, Schubert. The adagio will tear your heart out.

Heydrich: We will not sterilize every Jew and wait for them to die. We will not sterilize every Jew and then exterminate the race. That's farcical. Dead men don't hump, dead women don't get pregnant. Death is the most reliable form of sterilization, put it that way.

Klopfer: I take it that you do not get good food up in Krakow?
Dr. Joseph Bühler: If all of Berlin eats like you, it's no wonder we have shortages.

Undersecretary Martin Luther: Sir, this is Neumann of the Four Year Plan, a close associate of Reichsmarschall Goering. Neumann, I introduce Dr. Klopfer, a close associate of the Brown Eminence.
Erich Neumann: Brown... excuse me?
Klopfer: I represent Martin Bormann, the Party Chairman of the Thousand Year Plan.

Undersecretary Martin Luther: I think I heard some of what I wrote in what you said.
General Reinhard Heydrich: I think not.

Adolf Eichmann: This meeting is not taking place. You will take no calls for anyone at this meeting. Unless the Führer calls. And he won't.

Erich Neumann: I hear we're counter-attacking. Reichenau has got them out of the trenches.
Dr. Wilhelm Kritzinger: Reichenau is dead. Let us not gossip like maids at the market.

Dr. Alfred Meyer: A communist, by definition, has a defect of reason.
Dr. Roland Freisler: The Russian is not a communist, my friend. The Russian does not give a damn who runs things. I have lived amongst them. The Russian only cares he has a bottle of vodka to suck and some form of domestic animal life to fuck. Then he will happily sit in shit his whole life. That is his politics. I know those people. That is the distinction. I absolve the Jews of that.

Heydrich: Look at the world and tell me the pleasures of sanity.

Heydrich: If there are indeed 'decent Jews' then before they are decent, and indeed after, they are Jews. No, first-degree exempted will be sterilized. No matter children, and eventually no more mixed blood, once and for all. It is important to know what words mean, but it is important to remember that a thousand years from now, no matter who holds the power, history will be written in those words.

Continuity mistake: In a head-on shot, where Adolf Eichmann is the main character in the shot, he is shown lighting a cigarette, fully, and lowering his lighter. In the very next shot, he is shown from a side angle as a background character and again has the lighter to his cigarette, and lowers it, although it had already been lit in the previous shot.

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