Continuity mistake: In a head-on shot, where Adolf Eichmann is the main character in the shot, he is shown lighting a cigarette, fully, and lowering his lighter. In the very next shot, he is shown from a side angle as a background character and again has the lighter to his cigarette, and lowers it, although it had already been lit in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: Dr. Kritzinger can be seen standing looking out a window while the rest of the cast is sitting at the table, applauding something said by Kenneth Branagh. The camera angle then changes, the applause is still going on, and you can see David Threlfall suddenly sitting at the table. (00:26:25)

Phillip Anderson

Undersecretary Martin Luther: Sir, this is Neumann of the Four Year Plan, a close associate of Reichsmarschall Goering. Neumann, I introduce Dr. Klopfer, a close associate of the Brown Eminence.
Erich Neumann: Brown... excuse me?
Klopfer: I represent Martin Bormann, the Party Chairman of the Thousand Year Plan.

Adolf Eichmann: This meeting is not taking place. You will take no calls for anyone at this meeting. Unless the F├╝hrer calls. And he won't.

Dr. Alfred Meyer: A communist, by definition, has a defect of reason.
Dr. Roland Freisler: The Russian is not a communist, my friend. The Russian does not give a damn who runs things. I have lived amongst them. The Russian only cares he has a bottle of vodka to suck and some form of domestic animal life to fuck. Then he will happily sit in shit his whole life. That is his politics. I know those people. That is the distinction. I absolve the Jews of that.

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