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Trivia: The Sator Square dates back to Pompeii and is a square of 5 Latin words making a palindrome: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, and Rotas. Whichever orientation the square is in the words line up in both directions. Each word features in the film - Kenneth Branagh's character is named Sator, the forger mentioned near the start is Arepo, the title is of course Tenet, the opening sequence takes place in an Opera, and the Ukranian special forces who arrive in that sequence have badges on their arms with "Rotas" on them.


Audio problem: When Neil is being guided around the Freeport area, just after he says the documents are vulnerable to water damage from the sprinkler systems, the Freeport worker tells him they don't use sprinkler systems. The worker then says to him "The facility is flooded with halide gas", but in the shot where he is heard saying "halide gas", his lips do not match up with the audio heard coming from his mouth. (00:36:18)

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Neil: What the hell happened here?
Protagonist: Hasn't happened yet.

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Trivia: The script was kept as secret as possible, even from the stars. Robert Pattinson was only allowed to read it once before filming, in a locked room. Michael Caine was only given his specific scene to read, and has said that he had no idea what the film's plot was, despite his close links to Christopher Nolan.

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