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Danny: Oh, you're not leavin' are ya?
Joan: No, we're walking in backwards.

Joan: So, worried much about western civilization?
Danny: Not really. Not tonight.
Joan: It's collapsing, or hadn't you notice?
Danny: I live in a pretty good neighborhood.

Joan: Oh god, Pat's going in for the kill. Oh my! That was a nice turn.
Debbie: With just a hint of giddiness.
Joan: Her big move should be coming up any moment. The combination hair flip with a giggle.
Debbie: There is a 3.2 level of difficulty here. Joan let's see if she can pull it off.
Joan: This is it... this is it... Oh Yes.
Debbie: Oh Yes! Yes! Oh Bravo! Bravo! 9.0.

Joan: Tomorrow you know, they're going to come at me like marauding beasts bent on destruction.
Debbie: Stop it.
Joan: Deborah, you work in advertising... a civilized business. I on the other hand work with monsters.
Debbie: You're talking about 5 year olds.
Joan: Right! and my job is to break their spirit. That is what kindergarten is all about. The Germans invented it, think about it.

Bernie: What do you do?
Joan: Me?
Bernie: Well, yeah for a living?
Joan: I'm a neurosurgeon, you?
Bernie: I'm a prizefighter. Do you know much about boxing?
Joan: No.
Bernie: I'm the heavyweight champion of the world.

Joan: Give me a gin and tonic.
Mother Malone: Last call was ten minutes ago.
Joan: Give me a gin and tonic or I will kill you.
Mother Malone: Just one.

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Wilma Flintstone: We have scrimped and saved for that money, and every time we get a little bit ahead, you have to go blow it on some hair-brained scheme.
Fred Flintstone: Now see here, Wilma! In this cave, I am the king! And.
Wilma Flintstone: And what, Fred?
Fred Flintstone: And you have every right to know, my queen.

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