Miracle on 34th Street

The night before the trial finishes, Bryan sees that on a dollar bill it says 'with god we trust' - he gets Susan to give this dollar bill to the judge, with this statement highlighted, just as he is reading his verdict (which would have sent Kris to jail). Upon seeing this, he declares that if the government can declare such a statement without need of physical proof of God's existence, then by a similar declaration, the state of New York can declare that Santa Claus does exist, and that he is Kris Kringle - thus he is set free.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of the film, when the drunk Santa falls off the parade float, you can see a sack full of presents on the back of the float. In the next shot, when people are lifting the sleigh off him, the presents have disappeared.

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Kris: If you can't learn to accept ANYTHING on faith, then you are doomed for a life dominated by doubt.

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Question: Is there any reason that for the re-make it was changed from Santa speaking to a little girl in Dutch to him speaking to a girl in sign language? It seemed like it would be less convincing this way, since it would not be uncommon for any department store Santa to know sign language.

Answer: The original Dutch girl was a World War II orphan. That wouldn't make sense in the newer remake. And why wouldn't a Santa know sign language? It would seem more common than Dutch.

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