Miracle on 34th Street

Corrected entry: The headline near the beginning of the movie reads "Cole's wins etc." where it should read "Coles wins etc."

terry s

Correction: "Cole's" is correct. The owner is Mr. Cole, Not Mr. Coles.


Corrected entry: The two employees from Shoppers Express take Santa home. When Santa gets off, there is a shot showing the inside of the car. The woman's legs and knees can be seen. From the shot inside the car, however, her black coat completely covers both knees.


Correction: In the exterior shot, Jack Duff is standing next to the car and its open door, as we are able to see Alberta's legs inside the car. The interior shot shows Jack already sitting in the car, beside Alberta. There is enough time for her to simply cover her legs between these two shots. There is no error here.

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Corrected entry: Although it works well for the story, no couple can be married in the Catholic church without first going through the marriage preparation course, which last for four months. The Catholic church does not marry couples who are eloping on a whim.

Correction: My marriage preparation course was only one day, and was recommended by my priest. While this may be liberal for the timeframe of the movie, it is possible, especially if either party had a previous relationship with the priest. There are some priests who are more liberal than others.


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Kris: If you can't learn to accept ANYTHING on faith, then you are doomed for a life dominated by doubt.



In court, the camera shows Susan to judge her reaction to the lawyer talking, and she is sitting upright in her seat. It then changes to Dori, who is sitting right next to Susan. If you look in the bottom left hand corner however, you'll see that Susan is no longer sitting upright, and is instead leaning on Dori. There would be no time however for Susan to lean on her mother in the time the camera takes to move to another shot.