Most movie revealing mistakes of 1981

1Raiders of the Lost Ark pictureRaiders of the Lost Ark (1981)22
2For Your Eyes Only pictureFor Your Eyes Only (1981)21
3Mad Max 2 pictureMad Max 2 (1981)14
4The Evil Dead pictureThe Evil Dead (1981)9
5Zombie Lake pictureZombie Lake (1981)8
6Halloween II pictureHalloween II (1981)8
7Friday the 13th Part 2 pictureFriday the 13th Part 2 (1981)7
8Time Bandits pictureTime Bandits (1981)6
9Escape From New York pictureEscape From New York (1981)6
10The Burning pictureThe Burning (1981)5
11Clash of the Titans pictureClash of the Titans (1981)3
12The Cannonball Run pictureThe Cannonball Run (1981)3
13Stripes pictureStripes (1981)2
14Excalibur pictureExcalibur (1981)2
15Nighthawks pictureNighthawks (1981)2
16Death Hunt pictureDeath Hunt (1981)2
17History of the World: Part I pictureHistory of the World: Part I (1981)2
18The Howling pictureThe Howling (1981)2
19Blow Out pictureBlow Out (1981)1
20My Bloody Valentine pictureMy Bloody Valentine (1981)1
21Taps pictureTaps (1981)1
22Legend of the Lone Ranger pictureLegend of the Lone Ranger (1981)1
23Ghost Story pictureGhost Story (1981)1
24Das Boot pictureDas Boot (1981)1
25An American Werewolf in London pictureAn American Werewolf in London (1981)1
26Shock Treatment pictureShock Treatment (1981)1
27Modern Problems pictureModern Problems (1981)1
28Cannibal Ferox pictureCannibal Ferox (1981)1
29Dragonslayer pictureDragonslayer (1981)1
30On Golden Pond pictureOn Golden Pond (1981)1
31S.O.B. pictureS.O.B. (1981)1



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