The Evil Dead

Revealing mistake: When Ash shoots Cheryl through the door in the head, you can clearly see the hose (not an artery) that's squirting out the blood. (01:16:14)

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Revealing mistake: In all the nighttime scenes in the woods where the moon is shown, you can see the clear edges of the matte they used to show the moon. The color of the entire woods set is almost black except for the navy blue "rectangle" around the moon. (00:22:40)

Revealing mistake: When Ash is exploring the basement, he only has a lantern that would cast a flickering yellow light for illumination. Instead, all of the basement is lit with strong, steady white light, awfully like stage lights... (00:13:35)


Revealing mistake: Watch the part when Ash takes the large wooden cabinet to block the door so Evil Cheryl can't get in. Evil Scotty suddenly sits up, however watch Ash in the background. He jolts, then the shot freezes. (01:13:10)


Revealing mistake: When Evil Cheryl is being forced into the cellar with the butt of the axe, you can blatantly tell that it's a dummy. It's also obvious that when Cheryl gets her hand stuck in the cellar door, that it is a fake rubber hand, because it wobbles. (00:37:40)


Revealing mistake: When Ash is leaving the cabin at the end, you can see the holes made by Evil Cheryl were obviously cut by saws: the left one is almost a perfect pentagon and they're cut cleanly all the way through.

Revealing mistake: When the blood filled light bulb explodes it is obviously not a real light bulb. When the mantle explodes you can see a small light bulb inside it. (01:11:05)

Revealing mistake: When Cheryl is being attacked by the trees, the branches are wrapping around her. You can see that, in the close-up shot of her right arm, the branch going around her arm is actually twisted yellow rope twine, NOT a branch! (00:24:15)

Revealing mistake: When the girl chews off her own hand, when she pulls her face up, you can see the line where the makeup/mask ends and her normal skin begins. (00:45:30)

Revealing mistake: When Ash is about to gouge out Scotty's eyes, you can see there are already holes in the eyes before he does it.

Revealing mistake: When everyone in the car pulls off the bridge at the beginning they're on the path to the cabin but when Ash and his sister leave the cabin to go back to the bridge suddenly they're speeding down a gravel road.


Visible crew/equipment: When the people are driving over the bridge at the start, it goes to a shot of the front of the car. To the right of the car you can see a crew member holding a still camera.

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Linda: We're gonna get you. We're gonna get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.

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Trivia: When Ash is in the cellar, a poster for Wes Craven's film "Hills Have Eyes" is hung on the wall. Wes then repaid the compliment in "Nightmare on Elm Street" by having "Evil Dead" playing on the television in Nancy's room, when she is trying not to sleep.

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