The Evil Dead

Trivia: When they are preparing and listening to the tape you can see a bit of smoke in the air. There had been an extended scene where they had been smoking pot and joking around. However, they used real pot when filming and much of what was shot ended up being unusable as a result. This is according to Bruce Campbell's Commentary to the DVD.


Trivia: When Ash is in the cellar, a poster for Wes Craven's film "Hills Have Eyes" is hung on the wall. Wes then repaid the compliment in "Nightmare on Elm Street" by having "Evil Dead" playing on the television in Nancy's room, when she is trying not to sleep.

Trivia: The cabin featured in this movie burned down shortly after filming. Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert continue to say that Bruce Campbell burned it down, but Campbell says "It just burned down".

Trivia: The noise for the pencil being stabbed into Linda's ankle was made by stabbing a pencil into an apple, and tearing the apple apart with it.


Trivia: To gain a better budget for Evil Dead Sam Raimi filmed a 30 minute long movie called "within the woods". To this day it is very hard to get a copy.

Trivia: According to Bruce Campbell, the Oldsmobile is in this movie and every other Sam Raimi movie because Sam lost his virginity in that car.

Trivia: On the tape recording there is a sentence that sounds like "El sama ad dasa El roba da hitchhiker don sides of ze roadsa" which means Sam (Raimi, director) and Rob (Tapert, producer) are the hitchhiker on the side of the road. They are the fisherman that wave to the honking car.

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Trivia: Raimi created the "shaky cam", a low budget version of the Steadicam, which he couldn't afford to use for filming. The camera was bolted to a 2x4 piece of wood, and two people held on to each end of the plank and ran through the woods with it. Producer Rob Tapert has said "We did a lot of tests with it, and we were actually very pleased with how it turned out. We never considered the shakiness a problem, we thought it showed the energy of the force behind it."


Trivia: To build off the trivia about the 30-minute short "Within the Woods", the short has never been officially released. However, if you dig around the files of the 2002 "Book of the Dead Edition" DVD, you can find a still-image with text describing "Within the Woods", implying that the short was originally meant to be included as a special-feature.

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Linda: We're gonna get you. We're gonna get you. Not another peep. Time to go to sleep.

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