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Corrected entry: When Ash is frightened towards the end of the film, he shoots at the living room window next to the mirror with a shotgun at close range. Instead of the whole whole of the glass and frame being blown away, a small hole as from a rifle or handgun in shown in a corner of the window with two pieces of the window glass intact and wavering.

Correction: There is nothing factually wrong with this, as that really was the actor firing a real gun through a real window. (DVD commentary confirms this.).

Corrected entry: When the second male character (not Ashley) kills his girlfriend there are: a) One hand bitten off by herself b) A second hand cut off by the boyfriend and suddenly a third(?) hand, which she uses trying to protect herself from the axe.

Correction: The second male character, named Scott, cuts through a bit of her hand and the girlfriend bites the rest off meaning she only has two.

Corrected entry: When Cheryl goes out of the back door at night, when she hears something in the woods, she only walks maybe 20 or 30 feet. Yet, when the evil dead start breaking the trees and rape her, she runs about a half a mile back to the shack, which is shown way in the distance.

Correction: She is in a confused panic, and could have easilly ran in different directions. And considering the woods are alive, they could have moved about to confuse her.

This is NOT a correction, it is merely unfounded speculation.


Corrected entry: When the car drives over the bridge you can plainly see that the boards that break and fall are hollowed out to ensure their collapse. (00:03:05)

Correction: The boards are not hollowed out, but they are slightly discolored. In reality, they are styrofoam, but you could make the argument the discoloration is from rotting.

Corrected entry: After his somewhat busy night, Ash steps out of the cabin and sees that the sun is finally rising. Behind him the cabin's door which he left open is getting very slowly closed by somebody. (01:19:45)


Correction: It's an old cabin and has been subjected to the elements for some time, so the door may drift open and shut a little based on worn hinges, small breezes, and its own weight. It doesn't drift shut all the way.


Corrected entry: When Cheryl is drawing the clock, the page flips over, just before she draws the evil dead book. The page that flips should be hanging down, perhaps flapping in the wind, but in the next shot, the page is nicely tucked under the pad. (00:07:55)


Correction: It doesn't flip, it is actually torn out of the book by the gusting wind.


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Continuity mistake: When Cheryl is running through the woods, she is wearing slippers that stay on up until she reaches the cabin door. However, in following shots, she is shown barefoot, and when Ash opens the door her foot is dirty as if she'd been running barefoot the whole time. (00:28:05 - 00:29:10)

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Voice on Recorder: I know now that my wife has become host to a Kandarian demon. I fear that the only way to stop those possessed by the spirits of the book is through the act of... Bodily dismemberment.

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Trivia: The cabin featured in this movie burned down shortly after filming. Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert continue to say that Bruce Campbell burned it down, but Campbell says "It just burned down".

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