Revealing mistake: Morgana has smoke coming out of her mouth as she recites "The Charm of Making". If you look closely the smoke is being expelled from a tube next to her left cheek that at times is not even close to her mouth. (02:06:00)


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Sir Percival is attacked by the peasants, the green floodlights that were used by the crew to enhance the colour of the foliage are reflected in the actor's armour and the blonde hair of a peasant girl.

Visible crew/equipment: After Arthur drinks from the Grail and goes to visit Gwinevere at the convent and she gives him the sword back, he paces around her chamber- you can clearly see the film crew reflected in his armor.

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Arthur: Any man who would be a knight and follow a king... follow me.

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Question: IMDB lists a character named Sunshine, played by an uncredited Prudence Wright Holmes. Who is she?

Answer: Sunshine is the name of one of Gueniviere's handmaidens. She is also mentioned in L'morte d'Arthur.

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