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Visible crew/equipment: After Arthur drinks from the Grail and goes to visit Gwinevere at the convent and she gives him the sword back, he paces around her chamber- you can clearly see the film crew reflected in his armor.

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Visible crew/equipment: King Arthur and Lancelot fight at the bridge and continue in the stream. In one shot Arthur throws his mace and accidentally hits the camera with it.



Visible crew/equipment: Lancelot's armor is so bright and shiny as he fights with King Arthur that it's impossible not to see the cast and crew's reflection shining in it.



Visible crew/equipment: As Merlin asks for his son, Uther takes the child in his arms from Igrayne and the shadow of a crew member standing to the right of them off camera appears on him and the child.



Visible crew/equipment: The crew's reflection can be seen as they stand in front of Arthur as he forgives Guinevere where she now lives, in a convent.



Visible crew/equipment: Merlin gives a speech to the men saying, "I was there that night, with Arthur, the king". His staff has a flame coming out of the top and if you look closely as he walks around you can see a tube feeding gas into it from the bottom.



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