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Corrected entry: In the final battle before Lancelot appears, Percival, Kay and Arthur are in a circle surrounded by enemy knights. Kay accidentally hits Arthur on the back of his head with his sword. Arthur grabs his head and is visibly staggered by the blow. (02:10:00)

Correction: Something that could easily happen in a real battle.

Corrected entry: Out in the forest Merlin sleeps and Arthur stands next to a branch along side Merlin's staff. A large snake slithers down, Arthur touches it and runs away. In the next shot the snake is gone. (00:32:20)


Correction: Since the species of snake is not native to Britain, it's entirely possible that the scene contains enchantments, wrought by Merlin, which are therefore not subject to the natural laws of physics.

Corrected entry: When Arthur pledges Lancelot into his service on the rocks after breaking Excalibur he calls him by name, even though Lancelot never told him his name.

Correction: Yes, he did. When Arthur and Lancelot speak prior to their joust, Lancelot introduces himself with his full name.

Audio problem: When Uther takes the baby from Igrayne and gives it to Merlin, Igrayne's screaming and whimpering is not consistent with her mouth movements.

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Arthur: Any man who would be a knight and follow a king... follow me.

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Trivia: Producer/screenwriter/director John Boorman deliberately chose renowned stage actors Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren to play the sorcerer Merlin and the sorceress Morgana, knowing very well that Williamson and Mirren hated each other in real life (because of a disastrous stage production of Macbeth they worked on, years earlier). Boorman anticipated real friction, tension and anger between the two actors, which was the effect he wanted onscreen. On the contrary, the experience of working together in "Excalibur" completely changed Nicol Williamson and Helen Mirren into the best of friends.

Charles Austin Miller

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Question: IMDB lists a character named Sunshine, played by an uncredited Prudence Wright Holmes. Who is she?

Answer: Sunshine is the name of one of Gueniviere's handmaidens. She is also mentioned in L'morte d'Arthur.

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