Audio problem: As he chases Merlin into the wilderness, Uther takes Excalibur and trusts it into the stone. The battle didn't take place there, but if you look at the mud around the stone there are many footprints from the crew members' feet.



Audio problem: At the feast Morgana says to Gawain, "Watch Guinevere, remember what I told you about them," but her lips are not moving when she begins this sentence.



Audio problem: Merlin comes to her bedchamber and tricks Morgana into using "The Charm of Making". As she recites the charm smoke comes out of her mouth and if you look closely at her lips, they're not moving in sync with the over-dub.



Audio problem: King Arthur addresses the Knights of the Round Table and says, "We must find what was lost, the Grail". If you look closely at his lips he's saying something else, not "the Grail".



Audio problem: In the scene where Arthur meets Lancelot for the first time on the bridge, a car can be heard just after he crosses to Lancelot's side of the bridge.

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Audio problem: Uther takes the child from Igrayne to give to Merlin as she screams. In the next shot we still hear her screaming but her mouth is closed.



Audio problem: Merlin appears and says to Uther, "The child is mine" but his lips actually say, "Your child is mine, Uther".



Audio problem: King Arthur meets Merlin atop Camelot and he says, "It's a time for men" but his lips say something different.



Audio problem: When they speak for the first time, Morgana says to Merlin, "The essence of it can prolong the act of love" but her lips do not match what she is saying.



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