Best movie audio problems of 1981

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Dragonslayer picture

Audio problem: During the climax of the film, the maiden takes the stone from Galen and attempts to smash the amulet. Galen pulls the stone away and says "NO! He said I'd know the time". However, his lips do not match the words. He appears to say "NO! It is not yet time!".

Jason Hoffman
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Raiders of the Lost Ark picture

Audio problem: When the monkey is crawling on Marion's head at Salah's place, the sound does not match Marion's mouth.

Jacob La Cour
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Zorro, the Gay Blade picture

Audio problem: When Bunny (Ramon) is, as Zorro, spelling out "Zorro" on the wall with his whip, the number of whiplash sounds does not match the number of marks in the wall.

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Friday the 13th Part 2 picture

Audio problem: When the band starts to play the guitar solo doesn't match the guitar player's fingers or picking. (00:41:10)

Mortug Premium member
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Halloween II picture

Audio problem: When Michael bursts through the door at the hospital, Loomis fires his gun and Michael stabs him. He drops his gun on the floor and it makes no sound when it hits.

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The Cannonball Run picture

Audio problem: When Mel Tillis and Terry Bradshaw are trying to "re-tune" their race car, when Bradshaw tells Tillis to "hit it one more time", the car makes the distinct starting sound of an older Chrysler when the car was a Chevrolet. Also, how does Tillis starts the car? He has one hand on the steering wheel and his other hand is on the doorframe.

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The Evil Dead picture

Audio problem: When their car is making a sharp turn at the beginning of the film, you can hear the tires screeching. This could only happen if they were on concrete, not on a dirt road. (00:01:15)

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History of the World: Part I picture

Audio problem: When Comicus is announced in Caesar's court, the trumpeters play "Hooray for Hollywood". Notice that the music starts before they get their instruments to their mouths.

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Time Bandits picture

Audio problem: When Kevin and his crew of thieving little people land in the Middle Ages, Randall informs Kevin that they made all of what's surrounding them, trees, shrubs, bushes etc. Kevin's reply is "Phew, that's not bad" He says this without opening his mouth. This was looped into the film later on.

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Clash of the Titans picture

Audio problem: When Perseus starts to swing his rope at Pegasus, the rope is absurdly loud, and is obviously just the same recorded "whoosh" sound repeated four or five times.

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Chariots of Fire picture

Audio problem: In the long shot of the scene where Harold Abrahams is sitting in the stands after losing to Liddell a groundsman is lifting the seats. The clattering sound from this is out of synch with his movements.

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Excalibur picture

Audio problem: As he chases Merlin into the wilderness, Uther takes Excalibur and trusts it into the stone. The battle didn't take place there, but if you look at the mud around the stone there are many footprints from the crew members' feet. (00:22:15)

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The Burning picture

Audio problem: Throughout the raft scene it is so obvious that all the yelling and talking from the excited children is dubbed - through most of any dialogue their mouths are shut.

Paul Andrews
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The Howling picture

Audio problem: When Eddie is talking to Karen in the pornography booth, while the film is playing, what he is saying frequently mismatches his mouth movements. (00:10:05)

Hamster Premium member
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Shock Treatment picture

Audio problem: During the "Shock Treatment" musical sequence, look carefully at Dr. Nation McKinley's (Patricia Quinn) lips at the end of her solo speaking part. She mouths words to the song, even though the only voice you hear is Dr. Cosmo McKinley's (Richard O'Brien).

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For Your Eyes Only picture

Audio problem: When Colombo pulls out Bond's gun it makes a noise like the top is pulled back. But he takes it out with one hand, and the hammer has not been pulled back. Even if he pulled back the hammer with a finger (which he doesn't) it wouldn't make that sound.

Jacob La Cour
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