Zombie Lake

Revealing mistake: When the father moves to close his dead daughter's eyes, the daughter's eyes close before the fathers fingers close them.

Revealing mistake: In many scenes and screenshots you can see that make-up was made sloppily: the faces of the undead Germans are rotting green, but their necks still retain a 'live' color. (00:52:20)

Revealing mistake: After the ambushers says they will bury the German soldiers in the lake, one man kicks a soldier and he rolls down a small dirt hill. As he rolls, the 'dead' soldiers opens his eyes. (00:35:45)

Revealing mistake: It's very obvious that all the "underwater" shots of the lake were shot in a swimming pool. During the first murder of the girl after the opening credits, you can see an exit sign through the water. Near the end of the movie, as the Zombies are rising to the top, we can see a bare pool wall. (00:03:55)

Revealing mistake: The woman who was pushing the wheelbarrow, who is killed by a zombie in the street, is carried to a building and is laid on the floor outside it. In a side shot of her as her father grieves beside her, the dead woman's neck pulsates. (00:13:55)

Revealing mistake: When the zombie is chewing at the woman's neck on the street, she dies, and he then continues to bite her. As the camera pans around them, she really clearly blinks two times. (00:10:55)

Revealing mistake: One of the 'dead' German soldiers holds his arms out to cushion his landing in the lake, when he's thrown in. One soldier also puts his arms out and begins to swim, and as one soldiers sinks, you can see bubbles rising, meaning he breathing. (00:36:25)

Revealing mistake: One of the Zombies while underwater and attacking the girls basketball team is wearing a head mask as it doesn't quite cover all the hair around his ears. (00:42:20)

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