Zombie Lake

Visible crew/equipment: When the woman in the opening credits is taking off her clothes, she is about to take a blue shirt from her bag, but decided against it. As she does, you can see a crew member aimlessly wandering around in the bushes behind her. (00:01:40)

Continuity mistake: When Katya and the Mayor enter his study and sit down, in one shot Katya puts her hand up to under her mouth. In the next closeup it is down. (00:18:50)

Revealing mistake: In many scenes and screenshots you can see that make-up was made sloppily: the faces of the undead Germans are rotting green, but their necks still retain a 'live' color. (00:52:20)

More mistakes in Zombie Lake

Morane: Let's get away from this heap of hicks.

Morane: So, you think that ghosts killed them?
The Mayor: Yes, that is what I think.

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