Most movie continuity mistakes of 1963

1The Birds pictureThe Birds (1963)447
2From Russia With Love pictureFrom Russia With Love (1963)52
3The Great Escape pictureThe Great Escape (1963)24
4It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World pictureIt's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)14
5McLintock! pictureMcLintock! (1963)13
6Jason and the Argonauts pictureJason and the Argonauts (1963)9
7Coming Out Party (1963)9
8The Sword in the Stone pictureThe Sword in the Stone (1963)9
9The Pink Panther pictureThe Pink Panther (1963)7
10Charade pictureCharade (1963)6
11Claws in the Lease (1963)5
12The Prize pictureThe Prize (1963)4
13The Nutty Professor pictureThe Nutty Professor (1963)4
14Carry On Jack pictureCarry On Jack (1963)2
15Donovan's Reef pictureDonovan's Reef (1963)2
16The Running Man pictureThe Running Man (1963)2
17Thrill Seekers pictureThrill Seekers (1963)2
18Lilies Of The Field pictureLilies Of The Field (1963)2
19Irma la Douce pictureIrma la Douce (1963)2
20Cleopatra pictureCleopatra (1963)1
21The Raven pictureThe Raven (1963)1
22Lord of the Flies pictureLord of the Flies (1963)1
23The Million Hare pictureThe Million Hare (1963)1
24The Thrill of It All pictureThe Thrill of It All (1963)1
25The Haunting pictureThe Haunting (1963)1
26PT 109 picturePT 109 (1963)1
27Carry On Cabby pictureCarry On Cabby (1963)1