Continuity mistake: When the Indian Raid begins and the Comanche Warriors rush down Main Street, Puma (clad in his feathered headdress) is already leading the charge...even though he hasn't been rescued from jail yet.

Continuity mistake: When Kate, Mrs. Warren, and GW are all tumbling down the stairs together the two women are wearing flats, but their heels are back when they reach the floor.

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Continuity mistake: When Becky insists that GW shoot Dev, GW takes the starter pistol out of the cabinet and a shocked Dev raises his arms in the air, but as GW fires the starter pistol Dev's now holding his hat up in the air.

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Continuity mistake: In Kate's hotel room, when she's trying to get away from GW she steps backwards through the hotel room's doorway onto the porch, and falls straight through the broken wood railing, but when GW looks down at Kate on the pile of hay, there's now a window behind GW, not a doorway, and clapboard siding has suddenly appeared on the hotel wall as well.

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Continuity mistake: When McLintock et. al. head to the clay slide, which is just outside of town, to check out the report of a kidnapped girl, it is very early in the morning. When they arrive, there is an argument, the girl shows up, and there is a brief fight, then they head home. But when they arrive home it is late at night.

Continuity mistake: When Kate's trying to hide from GW she heads to the restaurant which has double-hung style windows with muntin bars, and red curtains across the windows' lower portions, but in the interior shots the red curtains have vanished, and when Kate jumps out the window it's now just a single pane with muntin bars used for the stunt.

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Continuity mistake: During the crazy brawl at the clay mud pit, after Kate pokes GW with her hat pin, when she falls backward into the pit and starts sliding down Kate's wearing black Mary Jane type flats, but when she reaches the bottom she's wearing heels.

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Continuity mistake: At the party at the McClintock place Agard is bumped, spilling half a beer all over his shoulders. In the next fight scene he is dry.

Continuity mistake: The sun changes dramatically when John Wayne's son makes an appearance. You can tell it is setting when Wayne first turns him down, but the next shot, it is earlier in the afternoon. Right after that, it is around noon when Wayne rolls into town.

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Continuity mistake: When Kate lifts Mrs. Warren and carries her over her shoulder while heading up the stairs, we can see that Kate's wearing flats, not the heels she had just been wearing.

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Continuity mistake: After Becky tells GW to shoot Dev, GW uses the starter pistol to shoot at Dev causing a blackened mark on Dev's shirt above his belt, but when Dev's on the floor the blackened mark is higher up on his shirt near the pocket.

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Continuity mistake: When McLintock hires the youngster and then climbs on his wagon he is on the right side. Next scene as they drive out of town he has miraculously switched sides to the left.

Continuity mistake: After John Wayne's son fights the younger man, and he falls into the wall, the damage changes from a bow in the material to a full on crack in it. In the wider shot after the fight is over, the material he ran into shows just the bow in it, no crack.

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Character mistake: On the day Rebecca arrives home, Junior Douglas says that he was "Valedictorian, Class of '95." Earlier, Drago talked of almost killing Running Buffalo "during that trouble back in the '40's," which would have been about 50 years earlier. That would mean Drago and McLintock were fighting Indians when they were babies, or possibly before they were born!

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Running Buffalo: Swell party, where's the whisky?

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Question: After Wayne represents the Chiefs at their trial, his last words to them were in their language, and they responded in kind. What was said in their language, and the translation?

Answer: A ha alonney cha means live in harmony with the sun.

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