Revealing mistake: After GW recruits Bunny to help the chiefs to escape and to acquire rifles and ammo, he comes home asking where the Katie with light red hair is. Katie, excited, goes out on the bedroom landing and sees him at the bottom of the stairs again asking where the woman of the house. Is. Just in back of GW, you can see the shadow of Mrs. Warren waiting to talk to him. Mrs. Warren then appears to try to tell him she was quitting her job.

Revealing mistake: When Agard is lifted and dumped into the oil mining cart during the brawl at the clay mud pit the cart is pushed towards the pit, and in the wide shot as the cart rolls toward the camera we can see the rope attached to the bottom of the cart pulling it, just before Agard falls out.

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Revealing mistake: Most if not all of the punches thrown by everybody involved during the fight at the clay slide do not land. There are even two men fighting in the pond that appear to be slapping each other, but it looks incredibly fake.


Revealing mistake: When Kate's up on the ladder and falls backwards into the water trough, we can see that it's actually a stuntman who's wearing flats instead of the heels Kate's wearing.

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Revealing mistake: During the Native American raid, the town drunk puts a cart in front of a wall. Just before the cart blows up, the shot cuts. You can see the shadows of the cart slightly shift.


Character mistake: On the day Rebecca arrives home, Junior Douglas says that he was "Valedictorian, Class of '95." Earlier, Drago talked of almost killing Running Buffalo "during that trouble back in the '40's," which would have been about 50 years earlier. That would mean Drago and McLintock were fighting Indians when they were babies, or possibly before they were born!

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Running Buffalo: Swell party, where's the whisky?

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Question: After Wayne represents the Chiefs at their trial, his last words to them were in their language, and they responded in kind. What was said in their language, and the translation?

Answer: A ha alonney cha means live in harmony with the sun.

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