Donovan's Reef

New this month Continuity mistake: When Donovan and Gilhooley are in the pool of water fighting, when they both get out Donovan gets out first, while he's standing there he is barely dripping wet especially off his hat. When Gilhooley falls in and gets out and they focus back on Donovan he is soaked and completely dripping wet, as if he just got out.


Continuity mistake: When Donovan is picking Miss Deddum off the ship, she loses her balance (and bag) and there are many outriggers near the ship. First the water is choppy, then Donovan says "watch these swells." The next second it's calm as glass when she steps off and he pulls her in the water. The next scene, everyone is jumping from the ship and suddenly, all the outriggers are no where to be seen near the boat.

Continuity mistake: At the end, when Amelia goes to Donovan's bar, she gives Gilhooley a wrapped present containing a model train set. Amelia then goes into another room to confront Donovan. When she comes out a few minutes later, Gilhooley has completely set up the train and is playing with it. He would not have had enough time to unpack it, much less have it up and running.

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