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23rd Jan 2005

Halloween: H20 (1998)

Corrected entry: At the end of the film Keri/Laurie is at the Hillcrest Academy, after Keri/Laurie runs from Michael Myers after throwing all of the knives at him she jumps out on him and stabs him with only one knife and then falls over the balcony, if she stabbed him with one knife how come you see one in his chest when he is laying flat on the table and one in Keri/Laurie's hand? (01:10:20)

Correction: Laurie attacks Michael with 2 knives. She picks one knife up from the floor of the kitchen and pulls another knife from the door she crawls through (she threw this one in the door at him previously). No mistake here.

Tina Gilliam

Corrected entry: If there have been multiple killings at Camp Crystal Lake and everyone, even the police, knew about it wouldn't they have closed it down for good by now?

Correction: The camp is closed down in Part 3 and is not reopened until Part 6 when they have renamed the area Lake Forest Green and Jason is in the ground buried. In this movie, the killings don't take place at the camp but at a house on Crystal Lake owned by Chris's parents. Throughout the series, Jason stalks the entire Crystal Lake area and not just the famous campgrounds. So, even if the camp is closed, Jason still has the rest of the area around the lake to look for victims. Can the police close that down too?

Tina Gilliam

Correction: The camp was closed down after the events of the first film. At one point in the second film, a character looks at a sign for Camp Crystal Lake and says "this place is on the same lake we're gonna be." In another correction someone mentions that Jason prowls for his victims all over the lake, which is a valid point. The only area that's closed is the camp itself, not the entire lake and town, which simply can't be closed down for good.


Also, if you check out the other side of the lake during the scene in the second movie where they go swimming right before Jeff and Sandra sneak away you can see buildings that could be other camps or lake homes owned by people like Chris' parents. Jason had these areas to find his victims, not just the camp from the first movie. Also, the officer that brings back Jeff and Sandra makes the statement that the camp was condemned.


2nd Nov 2003

Enough (2002)

Corrected entry: How is it that Slim has a device that knocks out cell phones, yet she can still call her friend on her cell in the middle of the fight without turning the machine off?

Correction: Slim does turn the machine off. After knocking Mitch out she walks over to the machine, turns it off, and then picks up the cell phone that is laying beside it to make the call.

Tina Gilliam

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