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Corrected entry: In the scene where Jennifer Lopez first gets hit and Billy Campbell walks away, she she gets the phone to call Billy's mother. He knocks and asks why she is calling his mother and she says to cancel Gracie's visit, but when she goes to his mother's house she is disappointed to see Gracie isn't with Slim.

Correction: She wasn't going to call Mitch's mother, she was going to call the police because Mitch hit her. She only said she was calling his mother, so he wouldn't get angry.

Corrected entry: When Slim was first slapped by her husband, the scar on her cheek appears. Slim was not hit on that cheek.

Correction: The scar appeared due to the the punch, not the slap.

Corrected entry: How could Slim get all those weapons and mechanical devices on the plane? They would never let such objects on a plane.

Correction: Presuming you mean the "weapons" that Slim uses when she breaks into Mitch's new house, in the final confrontation. Slim didn't actually have any weapons, just a bunch of rings, tape and gloves. And the only "mechanical devices" were the metal detector and the cell phone blocker, which would have been perfectly acceptable in checked luggage (film was released May 2002, and filmed before stricter airport security measures due to September 11th).

Corrected entry: When Slim first escapes, it is nighttime. She goes to the Biltmore and her card is denied. When she runs outside to get money from the ATM, it is daytime. The next moment she is at the bank, still trying to pay for that hotel at night. I don't know of any banks in the entire Los Angeles area that is open with tellers inside in the middle of the night.

Correction: Actually the two scenes in which she goes to the ATM and bank for money are supposed to be the next day. That night at the hotel, just before Mitch finds them, Gracie is wearing completely different clothes, even thought Slim wears the same thing she escaped the house in, which is understandable considering she is likely using these as pajamas.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, when their daughter is born, Mitch opens up his cell phone, but in the next shot, when he rejects the call, the phone is closed.

Correction: You can see him close the phone right after he rejects it, and then he puts it in his pocket.


Corrected entry: When Slim is fighting with her husband he charges at her. She moves near his fireplace, but yet bumps into his pokers for the fireplace. Is it just me or did we watch a whole scene with her getting rid of all his weapons and weapon like items. If she can find a gun hidden in a bookshelf, then why can't she find a bunch of pokers that were visible. And wouldn't she at least get one and hit him with it?

Correction: Character mistakes, not movie mistakes.

Corrected entry: When Mitch is chasing Slim down the street she gets on the bus and the bus drives away. She doesn't pay.

Correction: Bus drivers will often let you hop on a bus, find a seat, get situated, dig through your purse/pocket for the fare and then pay, especially when you've got children in tow.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Jennifer Lopez is in her house looking for her daughter, Gracie, when her husband took Gracie to the zoo. She calls for her daughter, and is under a door frame, then she turns around to get her phone to call her husband, you can hear someone say the word "cut" in the background.

Correction: no one says cut its really Slim saying 'God'.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Slim goes to her husband's house, he sets the alarm. The alarm is an ADT. Those have motion detectors on the inside. How was she able to move throughout the whole house without setting the alarm off?

Correction: Not necessarily, I have an ADT alarm, and there is no motion detector.

Corrected entry: Why would Slim attempt to leave Mitch in the middle of the night when he is home rather than leave during the day when he is at work?

Correction: Mitch had already told Slim that she was being watched when he described her movements the day after his affair was discovered. It is quite reasonable that Mitch would not have her watched when he is home at night with her.

Corrected entry: The scene where Jennifer Lopez is waiting for Mitch to leave, Mitch set his alarm and when he came back in, it didn't beep. When he came in the evening, it beeped until he shut it off.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the bad cop finds Slim and then begins a car chase scene, to get rid of the pursuit Slim drives through an abandoned bridge, leaving the cop to smash into a low beam in his much larger SUV. A moment later we see the door of the SUV open and the cop get out. Why didn't his airbag deploy after such a serious head on collision?

Correction: An air bag deploys when the bumper is hit. Only the top of the car was hit when he hit the low beam.

Corrected entry: How is it that Slim has a device that knocks out cell phones, yet she can still call her friend on her cell in the middle of the fight without turning the machine off?

Correction: Slim does turn the machine off. After knocking Mitch out she walks over to the machine, turns it off, and then picks up the cell phone that is laying beside it to make the call.

Tina Gilliam

Revealing mistake: When Slim and her daughter are running away from the husband they run onto a bus. When it cuts to the bus driving away you can see that Slim is holding a dummy, which is supposed to be her daughter.

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Mitch: You'll never see Gracie again.
Slim: You never will.

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Trivia: During the filming of Enough, Jennifer Lopez herself admitted in 2008 that she suffered a nervous breakdown related to overworking.

Erik M.

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Question: I found it odd that Slim's real name is never revealed. Why does she have this nickname, with no explanation as to why she never tells anyone her real name? Was there a deleted scene?

Answer: From memory her daughter says "I don't even think you're that slim" making a dig she's not that skinny, maybe it's due to her being thin?

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