The Island

Deliberate mistake: Gandu Three Echo, the clone who hits the screen showing the first lottery winner in the movie, complains that he has been around for 7 years and never won the lottery. However, McCord explains later in the movie that the last name tells how old the clones are. Lincoln Six Echo is 3 years old because he is in the Echo generation, and the Delta generation (Jordan Two Delta) is 4 years old. Going backwards, this would make Charlies 5 years old, Bravos 6 years old, and Alphas 7 years old. Gandu Three Echo should have really been Gandu Three Alpha. (00:05:55)

Continuity mistake: When Lincoln and Jordan are running to the Zone 6 door during their escape Lincoln throws a person into Jordan knocking her down. However in the next scene she is miraculously right behind Lincoln again.


Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the freeway chase, when Laurent steps out of the passenger side of his car, a camera and several crew members are reflected in the door of an approaching vehicle.

Nick Bylsma

Audio problem: When Lincoln 6 Echo is watching the the surgeons kill the other 'product' after giving birth, her heart monitor flat-lines well before the sound does. It beeps about 4 times before the shot changes to a closeup of the flat-line. (00:34:50)

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Factual error: When the first train wheel hits the ground in the close up, you can see that it isn't made of steel as it deforms as if it were foam. And there is also no damage to the concrete road whatsoever, since the wheels are made of steel there should have been quite a big hole. (01:17:50)

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Continuity mistake: When the mother is being poisoned shortly after giving birth, we see a toe tag on her right big toe; in the next shot, the toe tag has moved to her left foot.

Nick Bylsma

Continuity mistake: When they are driving behind the truck, a flat piece of metal falls off. Shortly before it hits the car it is "flying" horizontal (20°) however in the next shot, when it hits the car it is suddenly vertical (90°). No time between the two shots for that immense change. (01:18:30)

Ronnie Bischof

Continuity mistake: When Tom and Six-Echo are in the car near the end, the chopper shoots down the traffic lights in front of them. When Six Echo drives off again, he drives straight with no problems. (01:37:40)


Continuity mistake: When the clones are in Lincoln's house he takes a drink. When he picks up the bottle, we see the label, but when starts to drink, the label isn't visible anymore and the time is too short to turn it.

Ronnie Bischof

Continuity mistake: In the scene with the accelerating fan, there is a shot of the speed dial going towards the maximum. It then cuts to the fan speeding up. When it returns to the dial, the needle traverses the exact same distance that it did before.

Continuity mistake: When the row of train wheels is first shown rolling off the back of the truck, it has a flat sheet of metal on top of it. In the next shot, the sheet is gone. And in the next shot (when the wheels hit the road), it's back.


Continuity mistake: As Lincoln and Jordan are escaping they enter a room and we then see the guards coming down a set of stairs. You then hear Jordan shout at Lincoln. As the camera cuts back, we see the same guard run down the same set of stairs again.


Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the film, when Lincoln and Jordan first escape, we see them running and hiding in the room full of new 'products'. Water is constantly falling from the ceiling like rain, and both of them are soaked, to the point of water running from their hair and clothing in streams. In the next shot, however, when they have just left the room, they are little more than damp.


Continuity mistake: When Lincoln-clone enters the elevator, we see the short older clone has his shoulder in front of Lincoln's. The doors close and the camera switches to an overhead angle and we see Lincoln's shoulder is now in front.


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Visible crew/equipment: During the freeway chase, when both the Hummer and the Dodge Magnum are shown flipping over at the same time, the "Bay Buster" camera truck is briefly visible in the background.


Factual error: When Lincoln Six Echo escapes in Tom's car, he starts the engine using his fingerprint, which turns out to be identical to Tom's, since he's Tom's clone. Actually, fingerprints are formed in the womb and take shape mostly due to environmental conditions inside. They are not genetically defined or inherited, so Lincoln's prints should be completely different.

Continuity mistake: Two members of Laurent's team are in the elevator going up to the 70th floor of a rather tall Gas Company Tower in LA (the building with the giant "R" logo; presumably the building's height has been raised) to go after Lincoln and Jordan. When they step out of the elevator, the display inside says "70," but the floor number outside the elevator says "L," indicating that they're actually on the lobby floor. (01:23:00)

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Tom Lincoln: Yes, can you please explain to me why my insurance policy is sitting downstairs on my fucking sofa?!

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Trivia: Robert Fiveson, the producer of the 1979 B movie "Parts: The Clonus Horror" sued Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Michael Bay and the producers of "The Island", citing over ninety similarities between the films. Despite the fact that he was a long forgotten producer of low budget films and he was up against the biggest names in Hollywood, he settled out of court for an undisclosed "seven figure sum" and 15% of the net profits of "The Island." Since it cost £126,000,000 plus advertising and netted just £81,000,000, I hope he got his seven figure sum.

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Question: What happens to all the clones at the end? Do they live? Do the sponsors get their money back? Does the government kill them all?

Answer: We saw them set free, so assume beyond that what you will. If we apply current reality to it, we can guess the sponsors lost their money, as the venture was entirely illegal to start with. The government would gain nothing killing them, so they likely would issue new Social Security numbers to them and start collecting taxes ASAP. If you must have a definitive answer to 'what happened next', you can always wait for a sequel.


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