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12th Sep 2008

The Island (2005)

Continuity mistake: Two members of Laurent's team are in the elevator going up to the 70th floor of a rather tall Gas Company Tower in LA (the building with the giant "R" logo; presumably the building's height has been raised) to go after Lincoln and Jordan. When they step out of the elevator, the display inside says "70," but the floor number outside the elevator says "L," indicating that they're actually on the lobby floor. (01:23:00)

Shaun Ewing

Other mistake: Near the start of the movie when Thomas Crown enters his office for the first time, he uses a magnetic swipe card to access the elevator to his office. After he swipes the card, you can hear a 'ding' and the sound of elevator doors opening but you'll notice as he first inserts the card into the reader that the doors are already open. (00:05:30)

Shaun Ewing

27th Jan 2005

Resident Evil (2002)

Resident Evil mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Alice, Rain and Matt are talking to the "Red Queen" in the virus lab, there is a wall-mounted LG Flatron TFT display where the Red Queen shows surveillance footage, etc. One can see an inventory type barcode label in the bottom centre of the screen. The camera cuts away briefly, and when the camera shows the display again, the barcode label is gone and the LG logo is in its place. (01:14:50)

Shaun Ewing

27th May 2004

Alias (2001)

Rendezvous - S1-E21

Factual error: When Sloane is talking to Emily on the telephone, Sloane's phone emits a call waiting beep and the camera focuses on the phone's screen. There are two factual errors here: 1) The phone icon for "Line 1" near the top right hand corner of the phone display is in the "on-hook" position indicating that there is no call in place. 2) The call information is displayed incorrectly. It is obvious that this is a Cisco XML card with the text entered. (00:32:10)

Shaun Ewing

2nd Oct 2003

Speed (1994)

Continuity mistake: In the first part of the movie, it appears that the building is approximately 53 floors high, we can see this as when Keanu Reeves and Jeff Daniels go to the roof the label on the door is "ROOF/53". However, the service elevator seems to reach the top of the shaft after Dennis Hopper enters level 46 on the control panel. This is rather unfortunate, especially as the security console says that the elevator "serves floors GE-52". I wouldn't like to be in the elevator as it tries to go past level 46 to a higher floor such as 52. (00:21:45)

Shaun Ewing

Continuity mistake: When the "thieves" are preparing the impressionist wing and inform Thomas Crown that the exhibit is closed, Crown responds with "It's only a quarter to five". Shortly after when the surveillance footage from the time of the robbery is being reviewed, the time stamp on the monitor says 5:54. I doubt that the whole robbery took 1 hour 9 mins, when the time in the movie was around 3 minutes. (00:17:40 - 00:28:30)

Shaun Ewing

22nd Aug 2003

FearDotCom (2002)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Terry's boss is walking through what appears to be a train yard, he sees the little girl standing on the end of the train. Immediately after, we see him pulling a cigarette out of his mouth. The camera switches back to the train (which is now empty) before switching back to Terry's boss where we see him pull the cigarette out of his mouth a second time.

Shaun Ewing

15th Aug 2003

Die Hard 2 (1990)

Trivia: In March 1993, the Boeing 747-100 cargo aeroplane featured in this film (registration N473EV) was involved in an incident at Anchorage International Airport, Alaska, USA. Shortly after take-off the plane experienced troubles due to severe weather and the number two engine separated from the plane. Strangely enough, the number two engine is what "ingested" Major Grant after the encounter with McClane on the wing. The plane managed to land safely after this incident with no injuries.

Shaun Ewing

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